Exposure tour for PMSC members of North Sikkim

The SISCO Bank has recently organised an exposure tour for members of MPCS of North Sikkim. The three days long exposure tour was done from December 10 to 12 to the promising MPCS of South and West districts by 11 members from Hee-gaythang, Passingdang, Tingvong, Sankyong-Pentong, Tingchim-Mangshila, Namok, Mangan, MPCS of north district.

The sole objective behind the tour was to generate encouragement among the MPCS members of north district and to make them imitate the managing system and replicate the way of management of MPCS of south and west district so that the MPCS of north Sikkim could be made more successful.

Tour Programme being sponsored by SISCO Bank it was led by Vice Chairman, SISCO, Bank, Tashi Ongdup Lepcha, while he was accompanied by P.T. Lepcha, DRCS, Chungthang.

During the tour the said team visited Polok-Borong, Deythang- Pareng goan, where they got an opportunity to know about Diary co-operative, computerize management system, similarly, in Melli Dara, rural banking system are well exposed to the team such as wage payment of MGNREGA, old age pension other payments related to governmental schemes. On the other side, Marketing on
agro-products, commendable public Participation in MPCS were the other prime lessons for the team.

On second last day of the tour, the team also had an Interaction session at Namchi, while the session was chaired by Mr. Ganesh Rai, President, SICUN. During the session, N B Rai, Manager, MPCS, Namchi and JRCS, Namchi, PK Rai & Binod Gurung imparted lecture on management of MPCS.The team also attended the Annual General Meeting of SISCO Bank at Karfectar, Jorethang,

On the Last day of the tour, the team visited melli-Dara, village administrative centre which is one of the best village level governance in the state and Melli-Dara MPCS, private poultry farm and governmental
piggery farm in the surrounding area.



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